Home is where travel begins.

My home is small and cozy, comfortable and well located, and features 20-foot ceilings and a tall and healthy ficus benjamina that I adore.

In the living room, a pretty étagère resides entrusted with various curiosities and crystal flasks of sundry alcoholic delights (on the left below). The glass table will sometimes make for a good dinner place. The black and white photograph is Brett Weston's 1979 Nude, which you can see in his archive.

On the right, a cozy divan by the window makes an ideal place to sit and read whilst sipping limoncello.

The credenza below stores plates, napkins and candles. The large photograph above I took in a small town called Auch in France many years ago and was printed by my brother Olaf on a large-format bubblejet printer. The picture is of a plate on the ground featuring a biblical passage in Latin.

I also have a small terrace where to keep basic, rosemary, lobelia and a richness of other plants. It also makes for a nice place to occasionally have dinner.

On the left, my little wine corner where I can play with stones in whatever manner I please. On the right, the dining room, with a photograph of a cistern taken at El Jadida, Morocco.


Named after the mountain range in Wales (pronounce gwyneth), this beautiful ragdoll was but a small white mound as a kitten (in Welsh, gwyn = white). She's silver tipped with socks and lynx markings, and the gentlest of creatures. A rescue kitty, I found her abandoned at birth and nearly starved to death, and brought her home along with two siblings I gave away. She has now lived with me close to 4 years and is as lovely a companion as one could ask for - quiet, immaculately clean, well behaved, and loving.

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