To reach me e-mail is your best bet. When I'm online you can send me IM, otherwise my selfphone is always on and receives SMS. See info below.

Now twittering at:


...will soon replace e-mail (and a lot of other systems). I can be found there at:

IM (instant messengers)

Just love them! If you don't know about them, they are programs that let you chat with friends real-time; they also let you send and receive files, web links (URLs) and do other kinds of fun things. On the Mac I use Adium (free download at: On Windows, Trillian rocks (get it from On my iPhone I use Nimbuzz.

On ICQ (pronounce I-seek-you) my UIN is 10053783. On AIM and YM my nick is svekkis. On MSN you'll find me by my e-mail address: I finally got Skype: erick.calder.

I am also often available for a chat as ekkis or koh-i-noor on IRC's freenode (try: #perl, #web or #linux).


I like electronic correspondence - I can read it when I have the time and can think my responses through more carefully - my personal address is:

If you'd like to encrypt your mail to me you can add my public key to your PGP keyring. If you don't have PGP, get it - it's free. If you can't think of why you'd like to encrypt e-mail you send, think of sending a letter without an envelope, anyone who handles your letter can read it and your words may come back to haunt you in a court of law. The envelope protects the contents of your letter from prying eyes, so does PGP. I highly support and encourage the use of cryptography.


If you want to talk to me (actual, real-time, full-duplex sound) my numbers are:
US: +1 (310) 488.0777
EU: +46 (70) 4244.532 (GSM)
I keep the phone on 24x7 - though I usually forward to wherever I am (so you never know who you'll get at the other end when you call!). I do also have voicemail for the few times when I'm in transit and out of service... leave a message and I'll call you back.

I do also receive SMS (text messages) though that works much better in Europe than in the US.


Yes... I do happen to own one of those anachronistic and deprecated devices, a facsimile machine. To send me stuff use the number below:

+1 (818) 508.7176

physical address

Prefer paper? I love ink. Here's a business snail address is:

Arix International
12400 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 1227
Studio City, California 91604

home address

If you've been given a password, enter it below for a map and directions to my place of residence.